The very best

Always investing in the latest plant and technology, in service of our customers

As a service organisation, The MANSON Group always makes sure that it is using the very best and latest technology. Not for the sake of having shiny new machines, but purely to provide a better, more efficient and all-encompassing service to our customers.

We've been perfecting the art

of publication printing for almost 40 years, with a rolling programme of continuous investment. As a result, we are undoubtedly in the premier league of UK publication printers, being one of only a select number of printers that have the machinery in-house to cover every core aspect of publication production.

We have always been early adopters of new developments, and The MANSON Group is well known for having led the field with the early introduction of what have become industry-standard technologies, such as computer-to-plate (CTP) and Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).

We're very proud of our plant and technology and love to show it off. So, if you'd like to tour our plant