PDF Settings - easy import

follow these simple steps to instantly set up your Adobe applications so that they produce files to our specifications

1. Go to http://mansongroup.co.uk/assets/MansonMasterFOGRA39.joboptions - the web page will display a long text file which is the content of a .joboptions file recognised by Acrobat and InDesign to set preferences for PDF file creation.

2. Still in the browser, go to ‘File’>’Save as’ and save this to an easily browsable location. You’ll need to memorise this location for later. In Firefox, the .jopoptions filename suffix is respected, but in Internet Explorer, it defaults to ‘.txt’ . You’ll need to edit the filename manually and change this back to ‘.joboptions’ so that the application recognises the settings file.

3. In InDesign, go to ‘File’>’Adobe PDF Presets’>’Define’ and click ‘Load’ . Browse to that joboptions file and you have all the MANSON settings ready imported and loaded. Using these, your files will always be CMYK to FOGRA39.