paper is not more damaging to the environment than digital media

As we’re on the subject, it’s worth mentioning that this material is far more environmentally sustainable than popular opinion might have you believe. The stock ‘only print me if you need to’ email signature makes a valid point, but it does not necessarily follow that mass-manufactured printed publications are more costly to the environment than their digital relatives.

Need convincing? When someone like Jonathon Porritt says “It is true that there is an assumption that using paper is wasteful and irresponsible. That, to me, is completely crazy” , it’s surely worth considering. The full interview is available at printmonthly here

magazine catalogue paper Selector from The MANSON Group Ltd

Paper Selector from The MANSON Group Ltd


All paper is sold by weight. This is expressed in gsm or grammes per square metre. Simple, right?

Kind of.

There are four other principal characteristics in paper – whiteness, opacity, thickness [caliper], and smoothness

We buy our standard coated paper stocks by the artic lorry-load for consistency and bulk saving. Within these standard grades, the variables are relatively consistent.

We do offer more specialist stocks however, including weights as low as 60gsm – which may be hugely advantageous if you’re trying to stay below a particular distribution threshold, or uncoated – which is increasingly popular on account of its more ‘organic’ feel.

our free guide

To take the guesswork out of specifying paper for your magazine or catalogue, we’ve produced a free guide. We took our main paper lines and bound them neatly into this handy A4 publication. Going to a planning meeting? This will make things much easier. You’ll be able to explain what moving up or down a grammage means, or what uncoated actually feels like in comparison to gloss. With printing, nothing beats seeing things in the flesh!

To order yours, just send us your details by clicking here and becoming a registered user on our site. We’ll send you a copy and keep you up to date with new developments too!