Coronavirus Updates

last updated June 4th 2020
Our manufacturing operations for publication printing continue in full from our factory in St Albans. We are working with a reduced workforce in line with reduced demand but, having entered into a Temporary Working Agreement with our workforce, we are ready to scale up to cope with increased demand as required. So, if you are experiencing production challenges, we are well - placed to help!

New developments including a cloud - based telephone system and videoconferencing room will help us to strengthen our client relationships where face to face to face contact is not possible.

We are not accepting visitors other than delivery drivers, with whom we are enforcing the 2 metre distancing rule.

All staff, where able, are working from home. Where it is necessary for our people to come in to work, and where they are able, we have policies in place to ensure that they are aware of the need for social distancing and rigorous hygiene practices.

We follow Government, ACAS and BPIF Guidelines on the Coronavirus. We will continue to monitor these and update as required.

We have instigated additional hygiene and cleaning routines in our working practices.

All staff have been briefed on good hygiene practices and have answered key questions to manage risk and minimise possible exposure to the virus.

We operate shift patterns where personal contact is limited so that possible disruption can be managed. We're also fortunate to have a healthy and motivated workforce with whom we have discussed flexibility to manage any possible absences. We understand that your content needs to publish – even under these extraordinary circumstances. We’re ready to help. Got questions? Just call us as usual on 0800 118 2871