We Care

because we want to leave our world a better place than we found it

The MANSON Group believes that being socially and environmentally responsible is the key to maintaining a flourishing business that our customers will be pleased to use and our staff will be proud to be part of.


From a very local point of view, we strive to be a 'good neighbour'. We also extend that into the much broader local community, through our wide-ranging support of schools and sports groups. Looking further afield, to the global community, we extend our support and offer our expertise to non-governmental organisations and those involved in human rights.


Making sure we have the minimum impact on the local and global environment is a major concern of The MANSON Group. Environmental considerations are taken into account at every stage of planning and operating our business.

Our actions include

Conservation of energy and natural resources, minimisation of waste, operating with the lowest possible noise levels, and safe storage and disposal of waste. In addition, we take every care to ensure safe, clean and hygienic working conditions for our team.