1. What is the Cycle to Work Scheme?
The Cycle to Work Scheme was introduced by the Government in 1999 as a tax exemption initiative and a way to promote healthier journeys to work and reduce pollution.

In order not to restrict the scheme, employees may use the cycles for recreational use and not solely for commuting. This encourages the employee to follow a healthier lifestyle.

2. Who is Eligible?
Employees wishing to participate must be paid through the PAYE system. It is not available to the self-employed or contractors.

To be eligible you must have been employed by the Company for more than 6 months.

The bicycle must be for the sole use of the employee, i.e.: you may not purchase multiple cycles for family etc.

3. What Equipment is included?
The scheme includes cycles and safety equipment.

The scheme defines a “cycle” as a bicycle, a tricycle, or a cycle having four or more wheels, not being in any case a motor vehicle. An electrically assisted pedal cycle can also be included under the scheme.

4. Maximum Value
The maximum value under the scheme (which includes safety equipment) is £1000.

5. How the Scheme Works
The Manson Group has already identified a local company – Pedalworks (5-7 West Street, Dunstable, LU6 1SL) and it may be possible for Pedalworks to come to the Company address with samples of bicycles that would be available.

Interested employees may either visit the PedalWorks store or access their “brochure” online to make their selection. The order must be agreed by the Company, who will then purchase the equipment.

Once the employee has made their selection and the order has been approved, the employee will sign an agreement setting out the repayment terms etc. The suggested term of the agreement is 12 months. During the period of the agreement the bicycle remains the property of the Company.

The scheme will open for 6 months each year for employees to take up the option.

Typical savings for employees are a minimum of 25% for a standard rate taxpayer, the actual amount depends on the employee’s personal tax band.

Below is a table showing the possible savings to be made:

At the end of the hire period the employee must make another “token” (usually based on one monthly deduction) payment to take ownership of the Pedalworks Package. Without this payment HMRC would class the agreement as hire purchase (rather than hire), and as such the tax exemption would not be available.

The fact that most Manson employees are paid weekly will not affect the scheme. Deductions will be adjusted accordingly.

to confirm your interest in the scheme, email nking[at]mansongroup.co.uk