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Forget protein shakes and bodybuilding – in print, bulking is a very different phenomenon. And much more important! If you’re designing a saddlestitched booklet of significant pagination, you’ll need to deal with it. The main symptom of bulking [also known

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Ad copy – PDF OK?

Ad copy – PDF OK?Ad copy – PDF OK? October 7, 2014UncategorizedAd copy, advertisement, artwork If you’re producing a magazine, you will almost certainly be dealing with finished pages in PDF format from advertisers. Firstly, beware! PDF is a format,

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Hitting the Target: Colour Management

Hitting the Target: Colour ManagementOur presses are regularly serviced to make sure that we achieve the most consistent results possible but how do you know that we’ll achieve the colour you’re looking for? A commonly used standard where ink densities

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tick the [trim] box

tick the [trim] boxWhen we go through the imposition stage, we position each page on the plate to an accuracy of microns in precisely the right position so that when a flat sheet is folded down, your images will appear

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TAC (Total Area Coverage)

TAC (Total Area Coverage)When we use the term ‘saturation’, it’s often used as a way of describing colour areas which are too heavy. In fact, over-coloured areas can quite literally lead to saturated paper which in turn can cause problems

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