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Ad copy – PDF OK?

Ad copy – PDF OK? Ad copy – PDF OK? If you’re producing a magazine, you will almost certainly be dealing with finished pages in PDF format from advertisers. Firstly, beware! PDF is a format, not a standard. PDF files

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Forget protein shakes and bodybuilding – in print, bulking is a very different phenomenon. And much more important! If you’re designing a saddlestitched booklet of significant pagination, you’ll need to deal with it. The main symptom of bulking [also known

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Hitting the Target: Colour Management

Our presses are regularly serviced to make sure that we achieve the most consistent results possible but how do you know that we’ll achieve the colour you’re looking for?A commonly used standard where ink densities are concerned is ISO12647. That

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tick the [trim] box

When we go through the imposition stage, we position each page on the plate to an accuracy of microns in precisely the right position so that when a flat sheet is folded down, your images will appear in the right

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TAC (Total Area Coverage)

When we use the term ‘saturation’, it’s often used as a way of describing colour areas which are too heavy. In fact, over-coloured areas can quite literally lead to saturated paper which in turn can cause problems with set off

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